Saturday, January 19, 2008

And now the work begins...

Home from Musicfest, and now I have tons of images to process, and tons of catch-up work to do from being out of the office. We have to put together a photo shoot for Darren and the band this weekend, which is sort of short notice, and even shorter notice to find a location.

Almost all band photos are the same old shit...find a brick wall, stand in front of it, take the picture. I hate that crap, though I have done my share of it. We thought we had a pretty cool idea shooting at hotel ZaZa, but they have pulled the plug on photo shoots up there for some reason.

We also have the abandoned prison location in Nashville, but that is an expensive way to go. I'd have to have the bus here or there is no way I could get my gear there. We let Wade use the bus for a few weeks, so that is out.

So, at the end of the day, it will be the Stockyards. There are SO many picture opportunities there it is insane. Hopefully MLK Day is not a huge party at the Stockyards or we will be dodging people all day.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Time for fajitas!

Today is fajita day.  Working on those right now.

Last night was one of those nights that Steamboat is all about.  Several rooms had really nice jam sessions in them.  Some were crazy full of people, and some were just a quiet few.  So far this week, we have tended to lean toward the "quiet few."  But last night we pretty much did it all.  Rolled in about 5:45am, which was not in my playbook...

But, it is what it is, and it was awesome.

Today is the Ragweed Jam that pretty much turns into an amazing throw down involving just about everyone at the festival.  That is pretty much my favorite part of the whole week.  So I can't wait for that.

The Robert Earl Keen tribute was just amazing.  He such a cool guy, and it was really fun to hear how he had contributed to so many people.

I was also reminded last night how cool Ray Wylie Hubbard is, as well as the Band of Heathens.  Good times for sure.  Not much sleep, but good times...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

MamaDawg at the Bear

It is not warm here

Out exploring on the snow mobile. Fun

Jill trying to warm up after the snow mobile ride.

And we are off!

Heading for the trails on the snowmobile.  Should have gone to bed about 3 hours (and 6 glasses of wine) earlier.  Hopefully they don't notice my weaving.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Tonights events

Bingham, Stragglers, Hayes, Ragweed, Stoney. That lineup doesn't suck.

Gonna be a long one considering Kim and I leave at 8:00am on a snowmobile trip. We are not sane.


This morning I ate breakfast, and then started some lasagna.  How in the world anyone can sleep with this smell in the kitchen is beyond me.  Looks like about another hour on the lasagna, so I might as well eat another bowl of chili!  ha

MammaDawg is supposed to be making gumbo sometime this week, so I will try to get by there and have me a bowl or ten.

When is Pizza ever a bad idea?


Yesterday before the outdoor show, we tried to grab a bite to eat, but it was way too packed.  So we ate at Gnarly Charlie's Pizza...which is excellent by the way.

Anyway, a few days ago we were at the grocery store and Kim tried to convince me I didn't need to buy a frozen pizza with all the other stuff I was going to cook.  Well, I did it anyway, and last night it paid off.

At 2 this morning, a massive hunger overcame me, and the frozen pizza came to the rescue.  Wade and I polished it off in about 9 seconds. 

Day 2 Underway

Well, Day 1 ended pretty much the same way they all do.  Few friends in a room somewhere, a few drinks, much discussion of music, life, politics, tits...the main food groups.  THen the sun comes up, and everyone says, "Oh shit...I should get to my room."

Everything went well for me yesterday.  I only had to miss a few shows, and I tried to keep those to people who I knew would be playing later.  The tent is in a different location this year, and that makes it really tough to go from there to the Theater for example.

Randy hosted the event that also opens my gallery.  They were at capacity an hour before the show, so we couldn't even get in! I did get in, but just log enough to hear a few rounds and take some shots.  That was an amazing show.  The theater is set up beautifully.  This is a sit down, shut up, and listen show.  Randy had Jack Ingram, Matt Powell, Bruce Robison, Wade Bowen, Brandon Rhyder, Max Stalling, and others joining him on what was essentially, and old deer camp living room type setup.  There was a couch and some chairs, and a very casual song swap taking place, and if you were in the room, you knew it was special.  They basically recreated the closest thing to the late night guitar pulls that happen behind closed doors that you can see.

Took over 1000 pictures, so needless to say, it might be some time before I have them available for your viewing pleasure.  ha

I'll see what I can get done today though.

Looking forward to a successful Day 2!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Day 1 is officially underway!

Last night we had a welcome reception, and then Ragweed and Reckless played a show at the big tent.  This was a public show, not part of the Musicfest.  The locals have been asking for one of those shows for a while it seems.  I am glad they got one.

By the way, want to know where the loneliest place in Steamboat is?  The gym at 7:00am.

It is probably a good thing that reception on my cell phone was so awful last night because the messages I was sending to the blog would have read something like this:

3:07am - I''''m looking fr my gluve.  Dropped it whn I rolled down that hill nxt to tha parkin lot.

Anyway, last night was good times.  Today the whole show really kicks off with Wade doing the outdoor set.  It is a beautiful day.  Last year the guys played in a freaking white-out, but it looks like clear sailing today.  

I still have not seen the gallery (only in pictures), but everyone who has seen it says it looks good.  And Judy told me last night that they have gotten many great compliments on my shoot with Ray.  That is very cool.

Plus I got to spend some time with Carl Dunn last night and that is always a great learning experience and great fun for me.

Until next time,

Im just sayin'...

We have yet to begin to throw down...

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Cooked breakfast, ate breakfast, no one awake yet. So, I did what any reasonable person would do. Drank a few beers and made chili.

Let's Get This Party Started!

Here is the view out my window:
Checked into the hotel yesterday, and Kim was ready to rock!

Test from my Blackberry

This post is coming from the lobby of The Grand. I am testing to see how hard it would be to post from my Blackberry on occasion.


Welcome to Steamboat!

As usual, I am up 7 hours before the rest of the crew, so I decided to start myself a blog.  Really, I just wanted to test some things out for a photo-blog, but since I am here at MusicFest, I will do my best to keep this up to date with the weeks events.

My camera is on the tour bus and will not arrive until this evening, so I can't post any photos yet.  We are told that it is supposed to storm like hell tonight and that we should have some amazing snow to ski tomorrow.

I am getting ready to cook breakfast, and maybe go do some exploring before everyone wakes up.