Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today we are at Vicenza. These guys are fired up. Just got back from the sand and they are ready to rock. They had a rough few weeks, and hopefully they will have something to cheer about tonight. We expect a big house tonight. Everyone here is so glad to have us and they are so appreciative. It is incredible and makes you think quite a bit about what they really do.

Looking forward to this one as much as any this week.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Taco Bell

The base has a Taco Bell and a Popeyes. That is good news...


We are sitting at Aviano AFB now, waiting to get checked in for the day. Cool place.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Plaza de San Marcos

Good times..good friends....hammered.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

DK on stage

He just rocked 15,000 people's face off. Holy crap...amazing show. Then Dierks went on and killed. Now Bonnie Bishop and matt Skinner are smoking it. Amazing night...amazing

Bad Hair Day

Well, the major hitch in he program today is that the plugs keep cutting out. These converters suck. The only thing we REALLY need it for is Kim's hair stuff. So I have been going to salons to try to find a flat iron and a hair dryer. Not going well...

I spent some time exploring the cool little alleys here in Le Puy, and THAT is the France I dreamed about. Cafes, shops, vendors, a record store (where I bought the Stones record, a Bruce record, and a Cash record for three Euros each...basically 5 bucks). Anyway, it is really cool.

And again, these people are much nicer to us than the folks in Cannes were.

We leave in a few minute for the festival grounds, bad hair and all.


Morning in Le Puy

Ok, it is 7:00am. I am out jogging around town. I have been up all night. The Americans who had the late show rolled in around 2:30 and had a little party on my balcony. At least that is how it sounded. We sleep with the balcony doors open because these places have no AC. So at 4:00am I am awakened by another cultural treat...a fight between a few locals that seem to have mastered the "Hold me back" technique. They screamed their lungs out as long as someone was restraining them. Unfortunately, someone was willing to hold them back for quite a while. Then the sun came up, and I can't go back to sleep on this fold out couch piece of crap they call a bed.

It is a really beautiful and peaceful place though. Everything is just incredible, and then I round the corner and see a McDonalds. What kind of asshole would stick a McDonalds in the middle of this amazing old stone village? And what kind of asshole American would have the nads to go into one?

Hang on, I think my McGriddle is ready. Hey, good eatin' is good eatin'...


Friday, July 25, 2008

Le Puy

We are now in Le Puy. Today we had one of the most amazing drives ever. Beautiful mountain road...

We drove for about 5 hours. The people we encountered out in the country were extremely friendly. Everyone was helpful and very accommodating. It was truly amazing to see all the mountain villages.

Le Puy has been fun as well. We had dinner at the hotel bar and it was wonderful. A few of us went to a pizza shop down the street and even though no one spoke a word of English, we had a ball. The staff was genuinely entertained by our ignorance, but we did share beer drinking in common, so all was good. They seemed to enjoy having us and were tremendous friendly. So all in all, we had have a great day.

We ran into the guys from Asleep at the Wheel, and they offered us a seat on their bus to the festival as it is 45 miles away. We didn't finish dinner in time to make it but that was ok. We leave at noon tomorrow for an all night session at the festival. Looking forward to it.

My only regret was as driver, I wasn't able to shoot much of the trip...but it was worth it. I have the pictures in m mind!


Road Trippin'

Doing the cross country thing today. Had some fun at a 7-11. Crazy stuff in these stores. Like a French Stucky's. Ha

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Actually, our hotel is in Cannes. You can look it up on the internet ( Right on the beach. Beautiful place, but busy as hell. The drive from the airport in Nice was crazy. Luckily I brought my TomTom, or there would still be three lost Vans running around the French Rivera like idiots. We went down some streets that literally appeared to be walking paths.

It is cool here this afternoon, and we took a walk around the place. Pretty fancy stuff. Not really my style, but I see how people could dig it. After we eat, I think I might go teach the casino a thing or two. They'll be sorry! :)

Anyway, we are all here now, and everything is looking good.

The only problem is that you really do have to speak the language. There is almost zero tolerance for fumbling Americans. And I have found that pointing and grunting doesn't get you very far either. That only works in my living room I guess. Point is, you WILL get dirty looks and piss people off around here by t knowing the correct way to say, "Excuse me Frenchie, but where is yalls shitter?" In French. I know...I've seen me do it.


They have these vending machines in the bathrooms in London that dispense little gumballs. But they are "edible toothbrushes.". Basically it is gum that bubbles up and brushes your teeth as you chew. That's kick-ass! I need a boat load of those for Jakin. He'd brush his teeth 49 times a day!

I See London, I See France

Well...Heathrow is a beast of an airport. Just landed and we are on our way to the terminal to head for Nice. Yeehaw...

The cruise was awesome but I never blogged about it. I just didn't carry my phone around much. The kiddos had a blast. They made some new friends and loved the pool on the boat. I won a couple grand at the casino again this year. All the musical guests were great as usual.

Can't wait for the next one, but for now it is time to prepare for Steamboat.

If you have a chance, do yourself a favor and take a Dickson trip.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The big day

The road trip is on... Kylie and Jakin are pumped. Let's see how 5 hours in a truck adds to that enthusiasm.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting Ready

Worst part of a trip? Getting ready. Months of planning and effort are behind us now, and the Big Road Trip is here. We leave tomorrow for the cruise, and then we return with one day to prepare for Europe. Today is the last day to go through and make sure all the checklist items are complete, all the documents are ready, contracts signed, work permits validated...etc. Plus I have to organize the next three weeks under the assumption I will have no contact. That is the hard part. That is the scary part. I can't be disconnected from all the tasks while I am out, and I assume I will be able to get in touch with the world at some point...possibly 8 hours of time difference to wrestle with. Anyway, once I sort all that out I can pack some clothes! The second hardest part. By the time I pack all me gear, I might be the worst dressed person in Europe. I'll have room for a few pair of shorts, some t-shirts, and a pair of jeans if I'm lucky. But hey, I'll have some kick ass camera gear, and that's what matters.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Road Trips

Ok, this is just a test. I am going to be going to the Caribbean, and then to Europe soon, and I want to make sure I can blog about it. Who knows what kind of connectivity I will have, but I will sure try...