Thursday, September 25, 2008

iPhone Goodness

Ok, I have been complaining a little about my iPhone recently with its less than average battery life. Well, I applied the most recent upgrade for the iPhone, and was again let down. The battery life still blows chunks, and I honestly believe that Apple has used a little "trickery" to make me think my signal is stronger. It isn't. There is just a few more bars, but they don't mean anything it seems.

Aside from the dificulties, I do like the phone and the apps. It is capable of some really nice things when the battery is charged.

I have WAY too many apps on mine but I try everything out at least once. So the problem for me is that there are just too many pages of apps to sort through on my screen. So I tried arranging them by page. I put all my travel apps on one page, all my lookup utilities on one page...etc. That worked great until the first app update, which placed my app in a new place. That is frustrating.

So it seems obvious to me that others might have a similar problem. A few Google searches led me to folks doing just s I had done and trying to organize by page. Not a terrific solution. So I figure tht the App Store certainly has an app for organizing your iPhone. I am still amazed that they don't. So I waited and waited for this magic app to appear. No dice.

Well, in a fit of frustration yesterday, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and do something I have tried to avoid for a month. I decided to jailbreak my phone. Why? Well, there is an app called Categories that does exactly hat I want, but it only works if you have a jailbroke phone. No telling what I have gotten myself into, but I did the jailbreak, and it was surprisingly easy to do. Installed Categories, and now my iPhone and I are friends least until my battery runs out in 5 hours.

Categories is the only reason I did this, and if the App Store come out with something like it, I will find a way to un-jailbreak and use it instead. There are however some really nice apps out there that are only for jailbroken phones. I am tempted to mess with some of them but I do not want to stray too far from the pack. It does make me wonder what will ultimately happen with the iPhone though. There re some interesting and powerful apps that are being created that Apple will probably never approve for the App Store. We shall see...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Marshals bowl state.

Marshals bowl state. listen

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

iPhone Thoughts

The iPhone still seems like a toy to me due to the incredibly poor battery life. It has some pretty cool apps to play with, and that does keep it interesting. I am exploring an app call Jott today. Seems like it could be useful. The one thing I do have trouble with is organizing the app icons. I cannot believe there isn't a tool in the app store to do this.

I am holding out for one. If something doesn't turn up soon, I will jailbreak the phone and use Categories. Basically it is exactly what I want, but only works if re iPhone is jailbroken.

Surely there will be a way to do this soon. It is very limiting.

Also, I'd you happen to restore you iPhone, there is a good chance that you all updates will quit. That sucks because you have to do a complete reinstall of everything, this loaing data you may have been entering for weeks it longer.

On an unrelated note, Wii is kick ass

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lunch At The Office

Going to eat a chicken pot pie. That is how we roll at TRDP headquarters.  Jealous aren't you?

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