Monday, April 20, 2009

iPhone App

I have been working on a project for some time now to create an iPhone App for musicians. I have been down many roads trying to find the best way to do this. The issue for me has always been that it is incredibly expensive.

So I started down the path of learning to develop them myself. The catch there is that I don't have the time it takes to brush up on those skills and really get very far.

So, after tons of research, I found a group of developers who can do this for me in a price range that makes sense. The first one we did is the Darren Kozelsky Band App.

Check it out. It is free, and you can get some cool exclusive music before the album comes out as well.

I have some big plans, so soon there should be some more cool Apps in the works soon.

Have a great week!

Todd Snider

Anyone seen the new Todd Snider record yet? I haven't seen it, but my friends at Lone Star Music just sent me a message to let me know that they used a shot of mine for the cover. That is cool on so many levels.

They had mentioned to me that they might, which pretty much made my day. But lots of things change rapidly in the music world, and in the "You got the cover" world, so I tried to temper my excitement. Well...looks like they DID use it, so I can celebrate and act like a fool about it now.

However, I will spare you the awkwardness of having to witness this celebration, and I will keep my dancing and screaming confined to my office.

Thanks, and have a great day!