Thursday, December 31, 2009

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Been testing apps all day for use during Musicfest. There are way more choices than last year. Based off what I have seen today, I am going with Posterous. Seems to be the easiest to use for my purposes.

I will probably mess with Gowalla while there as well because it looks like it could be useful for finding people in the different venues. Someone has to create the Musicfest Tent, Bear River, Grand Ballroom...etc but I am sure that will not take long.

Posterous looks like it can handle some picture posting fairly well too.

I will be posting photos via flickr for the most part. Using tags I can make those come up on my on my Blog specifically where I want them. I will tag them all with Musicfest 2010 if anyone wants to see the pics. Those will include everything, and not just the show/event pics.

The show and event pics will be rolling on the big screens in the tent between sets as well. So if you see me on the mountain or around town, say cheese and you might make the slide show!

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Musicfest, Oil Changes, and Trial Runs

Getting my final packing done for Musicfest! Yesterday I changed the oil in my truck, put the new stickers on my trailer, bought some hand warmers for the kiddos, and gathered all my road trip info. So far so good. Now I am testing a few applications out to see which one will actually work the best for me as far as updating websites when I am at Musicfest this year. Last year I used my Blogger account and my Twitter account to post some updates, but I think I will get a little fancier this year and try to update multiple sites at once.

We shall see how that works out! Tank introduced me to Posterus, which looks promising!

Stay tuned!

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Well, Christmas finally came and went and MusicFest is next on our calendar. Getting the new trailer ready to roll. This will be our first time driving and in some ways I look forward to it, and in some ways not so much.

Going to be a good one. We have lots of family going this time and the kiddos are SO fired up!

Getting excited! Will be blogging and uploading pics the whole time.


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