Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's simple really...

Watching the Grammys and joking about the awful state of mainstream music is fun, but pretty sad at the same time. It seems pretty simple to me. Until music fans raise their standards, then the Taylor Swift's of the world will continue to prove over and over again on the national stage that you don't have to sing on key to win awards or play on big stages. When are people going to realize that the least common denominator is what gets shoved down our throats? When are the masses going to admit that these people are just not any good? There are so many talented people out there doing what they do, and it is damn near criminal that people continue to accept the garbage that is thrown at them rather than make the effort to seek out these genuinely gifted artists.

You can blame the labels and the machine all day long, but until the audience makes up their mind to demand better, they will keep getting crap.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ballet Shoot

Had a shoot today with a little ballerina. Pretty fun. She is only four, but we had a great time and I think some of the shots came out really great.

Also finally had some time to get the studio in order and clean up from the last month of shooting. I can see the floor in the equipment room for the first time in months!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Still here...

Getting a little stir crazy. Working from the business center, and that isn't TOO bad, but still miss my office and my family!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

On a positive note...

Johnny and the Footlights (Jason Eady, Jamie Wilson, with Hayes Carl's band) are fixing to fire it up at Bear River. So that will rock.

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Beautiful Steamboat Springs

It is such a beautiful day today...much warmer as well. Wait...why would I know it is beautiful in Steamboat? We left yesterday morning didn't we?

We tried. A couple of sub-zero evenings apparently froze a seal in my transmission and when I put it in 4WD, it shattered. So when I walked outside to make one last check of the trailer and the truck before leaving, I looked down and found a puddle beneath the truck. I ran into town as quick as I could and realized this was not something a quick-lube place could help me with. So, I ended up at the Chevy Dealership. Their service department wasn't open on Saturday and my steady drip was now a pour. I ended up going to the Ford Dealership and pulling in right before the service department closed. So, at least I had a place to park it until it could be fixed. Parts will be ordered Monday, and if I am lucky enough, someone in Steamboat Springs just might have what we need, and then I can get out of here Tuesday morning. More likely though, no one will have the part for my truck as it is not the most common thing on the road. So they try to pull a part out of Denver, which depending on weather can take a day or two to get here. Then it will take an entire day to pull the tranny, torque converter and replace the seal, if in fact it is the one we think it is. Quick calculation tells me that I MIGHT be able to leave Wed Night, more likely Thursday morning. 17 Hours later, and I will be back home...

I had to get Mom, Kim, and the kids plane tickets a day in advance so they can get home for school and such. I was able to extend my condo for one more night, but I am not exactly fired up about extending it anymore. So I might find a ride into town and stay someplace close to the dealership. Needless to say, a resort town is not the least expensive place to be stuck.

No idea what the total is going to be on this truck, but I was REALLY freaking close to coming home in a brand new Ford pickup yesterday. Maybe I can get some pictures worked up since I look like I have some time on my hands. May go do a little skiing for a day or two.

Overall, MusicFest was excellent this year. Didn't get around as much as I would have liked, but it was MUCH colder this year than in the past several years. Incredible event as always and I can't wait until next year. We did a few new things this year that I thought worked great. Have a few ideas for next year as well. Everyone have a great year, and Happy Steamboat to you!

Pictures soon!


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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quote of the night...

Three guesses who said "Well...I guess I'll just play another killin' song."

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Busy Day Today

Long night last night. Just about ready to call it a night and got involved in a little project that started the "One thing leads to another" chain of events. Like all late nights at Steamboat, it involved all sorts of Braun family members picking guitar, playing fiddle, and singing some hilarious songs. Right before that I ended up taking a few shots of an interview with Cody Canada and Todd Snider. One of the funniest and coolest moments of the trip thus far for me.

Today starts earlier than usual because we have the Lee Ann Womack Tribute starts at 2:00. Then the marathon of killer music begins!

Need to get to work getting my shots over to the tent. Have gumbo getting started...we shall see if I have a chance to finish that or not.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting ready for Day Two

Posted some pics to Flickr. Search for tpmusicfest2010 should pull them up.

Also getting ready to go tubing with friends and family out at Saddleback Ranch. Hopefully will be back by 4:30 so I can deliver my pics to the tent. Today should be a little less hectic than yesterday and hopefully I can cover more shows. Going up the mountain for the show last night (which was awesome by the way...Lee Brice, Granger Smith, Kyle Park, Brandon Jenkins, and then ending with Wade and Randy's "Hold My Beer and Watch This show") made it tough to cover the events because it was at full capacity and they stopped letting people up the gondola.

Looking forward to a few key afterparties and some killer music today! More family arriving today, and then some tomorrow!

Here are a few shots from my sled run work yesterday, and I smoked Jakin in the snowball fight. Me having a shovel reminds me of the old "Don't bring a gun to a knife fight!" Jakin needs to learn to pick his battles.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Kylie trying to steal my gig.

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Now What?

Just left the room with Robert Earl and Dean Dillon swaping tunes. So what can I say about that other than, "Holy shit! This is happening now!"

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The Sled Run

Been building a big sled run for the kids and for me in about 9 more Shiners. Pretty sweet but tiring as hell to build.

Kim just set the world distance record.

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Musicfest Day 2

Actually Day ONE as far as music goes, and day three for us.  Day four if you count leaving the launch pad.  So who knows what day it is.  haha

Beautiful day today, but need some new snow for the skiing!  Will start shooting today as the first shows crank up at 2:00.  Going to play in the snow with the kids for a while first.

Saw some of the new killer prototypes from @JustinBentRail.  Some pretty cool looks.  The General Store is looking great, and the Dung Beetle should be pretty awesome as well.  Time for a beer.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Snowball fight

Jakin just got schooled by Cody. Oh and it is day one and Jakin is already rockin' a black eye. Looks tough.

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Jakin loves snow

He has been outside throwing snowballs at the porch window for about thirty minutes.

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Day One

Well, the first hangover is officially underway! We are all checked in and unpacked. Need to get our lift tickets and get the kiddos registered for ski school. Today is a fun day because you start getting to catch up with all the folks who are rolling into town. The Grand will be hopping tonight I'd imagine.

Getting all my gear charged up and ready to rock. BEAUTIFUL day here. Has some light snow this morning, but the sun out and it is freaking gorgeous right now.


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Sunday, January 3, 2010

We have arrived!

It's on! Weather was great. Last 25 miles got a little sketchy but no problem. Heard, " Are we there yet" more than i ever imagined possible

Kids playing in the snow, ad Daddy is hungry. Beer me...

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Good morning!

Going to be a great day. Beautiful morning. Hope it stays that way for a few hours!

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Google Wave

Anyone found a good use for Google Wave yet? How do you find contacts?

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Almost go time

Ready to launch...sort of. Still waiting on the women to pack so I can load the trailer. By the way, the trailer rocks (thanks again to Lonestar Music and also to Fast Signs).

The problem is, with all that space, anything and everything goes into the trailer. Makes for some very indiscriminate packing. I just dumped my closet into it. Took 5 minutes. I don't see what is holding the rest of the crew up.

Anyway, going to take the scenic route up. May take a little longer, but I can't imagine my kids in a truck rolling for 8 hours through Oklahoma and Kansas.

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