Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

iPod in my Shoe?

I notice some of my friends have those iPod things in their shoes that post their distance and time. If I put those on, would it automatically call 911 when I don't move for like 9 hours?

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Hey, here is a fun time waster:

Call AT&T and ask them to explain your wireless bill? AT&T is awful. It is difficult to pick just one main complaint about them in fact. There are so many reasons to hate them.

Verizon has ONE hiccup right now that is keeping me from jumping ship, and that is simply that they can't do voice/data at the same time. I am sure they will fix it, and it probably isn't THAT huge of a deal anyway, but it does bother me.

Make no mistake about it though, AT&T is a travesty.