Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kevin Fowler Performs "If I Could Make a Livin' Drinkin'" on The Texas M...

Kevin Fowler, long time friend of the show, checks in with our Whataburger Performance of the Week this week. You know Kevin is going to have a good ol' beer drinking song on his new record "How Country Are Ya?" This one is called "If I Could Make A Livin' Drinkin.'" 

The 2014 Bowen Classic on The Texas Music Scene

Here's our take on what went down at the 16th Annual Bowen Classic in Waco, TX. This two-day Charity Concert and Golf Tournament hosted by Wade Bowen has become a real highlight for fans and musicians who make this a big part of their festival season. If you haven't been, then you need to put it on your calendar for next season This is a wonderful event, and one we are so very proud to support and be a part of.

Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis Perform "Motor City Man" on The Texas Music...

This week in our Whataburger Performance of the Week, we have Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis. These two have collaborated together in some capacity over two decades. Well, we are particular excited to see them playing in the same band! Here they perform "Motor City Man" from their "Our Year" album!

Brandy Zdan in the Jack Ingram's Acoustic Motel on The Texas Music Scene

This week in the Acoustic Motel, Jack Ingram introduces a singer/songwriter that we think you should be paying attention to. Here is Jack bringing on Brandy Zdan (!

Zane Williams Performs "Overnight Success" on The Texas Music Scene

Zane Williams fell in love with Country Music a little later than most his peers. But from that point on, he hasn't stopped working hard on his craft. He is a talented songwriter who continues to impress fans throughout the Texas Scene, including us. Here is the story and performance of "Overnight Success" on the Crown Royal Texas Stage.

Mike Zito Backstage Conversation with The Texas Music Scene on Gone To T...

Blues musician Mike Zito relocated from St Louis to just outside of Beaumont, TX as part of starting a new life for himself.  His musical journey is the backdrop for his 2013 album, "Gone To Texas," a project that brought Zito a ton of critical acclaim, and more importantly, a lot of new fans!  He sat down with us recently and gave us his take on the album.

William Clark Green Performs "Hanging Around" on The Texas Music Scene

This week in our Whataburger Performance of the Week, we have young singer/songwriter William Clark Green. We recently invited William back to the set for a full band performance. So here he is with "Hanging Around."

Todd Purifoy Discusses MusicFest 2014 Highlights on The Texas Music Scene

Our Photographer and Co-Producer, Todd Purifoy, breaks down a few more highlights of MusicFest 2014 for us. Todd discusses some of his favorite moments of the 2014 trip to Steamboat Springs, CO.

Charla Corn Performs "In My Heart" on The Texas Music Scene

Charla Corn and her older brother Clay Corn collaborated on her album "Stella." it was a labor of love for both and you can hear it. Their creative approach really captured the emotion of the songs, just like this one called "In My Heart." Here is Charla on the Crown Royal Texas Stage performing this tune.