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One of our first issues! Eventually became @lonestarmusic1 Lonestar Music Magazine

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My buddies. @halowaterfowl @bisoncoolers #letsgohunting

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@halowaterfowl Camp Boys in Mississippi. #halolife

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The @halowaterfowl Family is proud to announce the launch of the our AMERICAN-MADE outdoor wader jacket. After years of design, adjustments, and field testing by the best in the field, our Waxed Canvas "American Hunter" shell jacket is here! The "American Hunter" is made out of the same material that the US military uses for tents, and our jacket will absolutely protect you from the elements as you pursue your passion with that same quality. To make it better, our jacket is the most versatile allowing you to layer up or layer down depending on the climate. Pre sales are available online at 🇺🇸 Pre sale delivery dates are expected to be as early as September! "American made. American tested. American tough."

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