Tuesday, September 27, 2016

@departed_music is one of my favorite groups of guys out there. And they didn't not disappoint tonight!

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These guys about to hit the stage! @departed_music @jasonbolandandthestragglers

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Mike McClure crushing it for us in San Marcos! #txms #crusheverything

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Next up today... @boohatchstudio Mike McClure. #txms

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Roomies! Two of my favorite people on set today! @bigginbradley @jessicamwalker @txmusictv #txms

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Workstation win! @bisoncoolers @skeletonoptics #gigem #crusheverything

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Some days are better than others. This is a good one. Come see us at The Marc tonight in San Marcos for our taping of @txmusictv. It's free and guaranteed good time!

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Leave it all on the course! @kyliepurifoy #Runfast #crusheverything

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Saturday, September 10, 2016