Monday, April 28, 2014

The Whiskey Sisters Perform "Home on the Highway" on The Texas Music Scene

The Whiskey Sisters have great harmonies, catchy tunes, and TONS of stage presence. Add it all up, and Teal & Barbara have something fans and fellow musicians all over the scene are buzzing about. Here is the story, and performance of "Home on the Highway" in our Whataburger Performance of the Week.

Jack Ingram's Acoustic Motel Spotlights Drew Kennedy on The Texas Music ...

This week in Jack Ingram's Acoustic Motel, we spotlight one of our favorite singer/songwriters, Drew Kennedy. Here is Jack welcoming Drew to the show.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Wheeler Brothers Perform "Straight & Steady" on The Texas Music Scene

Ray's son introduced him to The Wheeler Brothers a few years back.  Ray was so impressed he had them come up and play at his birthday bash in Austin, TX. Here is The Wheeler Brothers perform "Straight & Steady for us from the Crown Royal Texas Stage.

Whiskey Myers Discusses "Early Morning Shakes" on The Texas Music Scene

Whiskey Myers recently joined forces with Dave Cobb for their latest release called "Early Morning Shakes."  The result was a bigger sound, female backing vocals and even more duel guitar layers tributes to their home area of East Texas.  The guys sat down with us and filled us in on some of the background.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Jack Ingram Performs "Higher than Willie, and Jonesin' For Haggard" On T...

You know, it isn't that hard to tell who Jack Ingram was listening to growing up. It comes through in his music. One of his latest additions to his live set is a song that puts it right out there. It's called "Higher than Willie, and Jonesin' for Haggard." Here is Jack telling us a little about the tune, and then performing it for our live audience in the Whataburger Performance of the Week.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

MilkDrive Performs "SoHo" on The Texas Music Scene

MilkDrive went out on tour with our very own Ray Benson this year, so we are very familiar with these guys.  They can play just about anything, and they have some terrific originals too.  Here they are on the Crown Royal Texas Stage with a tune called "SoHo" from their "Road From Home" project.

Reckless Kelly Shares Another Road Story with The Texas Music Scene

When you tour all over the country with 200 gigs a year, make an annual trip to Ireland, put on two festivals a year, you are bound to have a few road stories.  Our buddies from Reckless Kelly are ALWAYS good for a few.  Here they are with another one about tailgating a Ben Harper show!

Kevin Fowler Discusses "How Country Are Ya" on The Texas Music Scene

Kevin Fowler was on our set when we shot the pilot episode of The Texas Music Scene. He has been with us from the get go, and we have always been fans. Here is a little BackStage conversation with Kevin about his "How Country Are Ya" album.

Casey Donahew Performs Small Town Love on The Texas Music Scene

Casey Donahew joins us this week to perform "Small Town Love" off his Standoff album in our Whataburger Performance of the Week.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lincoln Durham Performs Annie Departee on The Texas Music Scene

Lincoln Durham's 2013 release "Exodus of the Deemed Unrighteous" is as dark and mysterious as it's title. The project is full of songs that allow this talented singer/songwriter to showcase his talents live. Here is is with one of our favorite tunes front he album, "Annie Departee." Watch Lincoln play this one on a string cigar box!

Owen Temple is Jack's Guest in the Acoustic Motel on The Texas Music Scene

The Acoustic Motel comes to you straight from Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, TX.  For our first visit, Jack Ingram introduces us to Owen Temple.  Well thought out, smart songwriting has always been a part of Owen's forte.  Here Owen talks about his tune "Make Something" and others from his "Stories They Tell" project.