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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Finale time Challis! Put on your big boy pants for @recklesskelly96 @braunbrothersreunion #bbr16

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Can't ever get enough of @paulthornmusic

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Our buddy Ben Sovince took this with his drone @braunbrothersreunion #bbr16

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@paulthornmusic at @braunbrothersreunion #bbr16. Hell yeah boy!

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Another @braunbrothersreunion debut. @juanathantyler making everyone feel good today in Challis! #bbr16 #txms

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@codyjohnsonband making their @braunbrothersreunion debut! #bbr16

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You know I'm getting in on this! @firediscgrills @braunbrothersreunion @bisoncoolers @skeletonoptics #bbr16

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A gaggle of Brauns @braunbrothersreunion #bbr16

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Backstage cookin' with the @firediscgrills at @braunbrothersreunion #bbr16 More Braun Family goodness!

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@braunbrothersreunion guitar pull. Uncle Billy, Uncle Gary, Cody Canada, @juanathantyler in this round. #bbr16

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